Julia Sommer

Escort lady of passion


Where can we meet?
I will be happy to visit you at your home, office or come to your hotel. In exceptional cases I can also take over the booking and check in. In this case I need the total amount for the hotel in advance. I myself am not visitable. Please remember that a nice ambiance on our date is important for a perfect date.
Who do you want to meet?
We both want our date to be beautiful, so I ask you to come to the date well-groomed and healthy. I offer the same. We also like to shower together or take a nice bath.
Can I send you dress requests?
Sure, you are welcome to send me your wishes and I will do my best to meet them. If an outfit you choose is not for public or not suitable for the weather I will bring it and change on the spot.
Can I give you a present?
Every woman loves gifts! Of course, I am always happy about a little attention.
Who answers my messages?
You always have direct contact with me and I answer all inquiries myself. I prefer the contact via WhatsApp, because here you also have the opportunity to hear my voice once through a voice message. I do not offer telephone calls. Unfortunately, I have had bad experiences here and a bit of excitement for the first meeting should still be preserved.
Are there any more pictures of you?
Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Here I try to post regular updates and also post the one or other picture of me every now and then.
Are there any videos of you?
Besides the typical social media like Instagram and Twitter, I also have a page on XXX. On this you can see pictures and videos of me.
Do you also offer threesomes?
If you know another escort lady that you would like to have a threesome with, I would be happy to meet you both.
Do you also meet women?
I am bisexual, nevertheless I only want threesomes in which two escort ladies and one man are active. I love beautiful women's bodies, however, for me good sex always includes a man.
May I give you a treat?
For me, love goes through the stomach and I am therefore always very happy when the date includes a nice dinner together. If there is no time for this, I am also happy about a little something like truffle chocolates or something fragrant.
Will you come visit me?
Sure! I love to travel and therefore I would be happy to come to you in another city or accompany you on your short trip or vacation.
How much advance notice do you need for a date?
If you plan your date on a specific date then more advance notice is needed. Spontaneous I can rather rarely, but you are welcome to write me and I will try my best to give. If you are flexible in time, you are also welcome to suggest 2-3 possible dates. That way, we can more easily find a match.
Will my data be treated discreetly?
Of course! Discretion is my top priority and I also want you to treat my data discreetly.
Can I write you a review?
If you liked our date, I am of course happy about positive feedback and also about another booking. Still, any dating experience is subjective, so I would ask you to keep your experience to yourself. This is also discretion.
What information do you need from me?
To contact me, you can use the contact form, because then you can be sure that I have all the relevant information. I need your name, your hotel or address and the day of the booking, as well as the time and the booking duration.
Who are you not meeting?
I meet only well-groomed and healthy men.
Age does not matter to me. Of course, you should be over 18 years old.
As a lover I am the loving and passionate bedfellow, if these are also your preferences you are right with me.
If you are looking for a playmate to live out your fetishes or bizarre fantasies, you are also right with me. I love to learn what your fantasy is and make it a reality together with you. I have experience as a bizarre lady in various fields.
What service do you offer?
In my sedcard I have a small list of my preferences, however, I would not like to work off a list. Basically, anything that is fun for both is allowed! As an absolute taboo for me is only anal intercourse with me, dangerous practices and everything that is against the law.
What does the perfect date look like for you?
The greatest enemy of quality is haste (Henry Ford) - I like it when we have enough time. Getting to know each other over a delicious meal and a good wine creates trust and this is a prerequisite for an intense physical experience. I love sex and I love to shower or bathe together and I also find oil massages wonderful. I also think a "stopover" in the sauna is great.
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